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Speech Language Pathology in Calgary, AB

Offering Speech & Language Assessments and Therapy via virtual sessions, clinic appointments, and home visits.

Enhance Speech & Language in Calgary, AB was founded on the simple premise of enhancing the lives of all children by providing accessible and effective speech and language assessment and therapy. 

Our mission is to offer expert, compassionate and professional speech and language sessions with the single goal of enhancing verbal, non-verbal, and social skills for all of our clients.

We personalize our approach by thoroughly assessing all of our clients, setting individual goals, and then uniquely tailoring sessions to target these goals through proven, evidence-based therapy.

Our Philosophy

Parent & Caregiver Coaching

At Enhance Speech & Language, we understand that the largest window of opportunity for a child to enhance their speech and language is at home with you. Our aim is therefore to educate and arm you with effective strategies to regularly practice with your child . We believe this helps children maintain these skills in their natural environment and generalize them in their everyday interactions. This is supported by a growing body of contemporary research and as part of our mission to provide innovative strategies we have deeply incorporated it into our mantra.

Early-Intervention Therapy

At Enhance Speech & Language we do not believe in a "wait and see" approach. We believe that leaving potential speech related issues to develop can cause greater problems down the road. No age is too early!

With Early-Intervention, our aim is to screen for the presence of early risk factors for future speech-language issues, and develop a unique, individualized intervention plan to mitigate against their development. This involves structured assessment, caregiver education, and guidance for families which research shows effectively enhances children's brain development and improves their communicative ability.  

Family-Centred Therapy

At Enhance Speech & Language we believe in forging partnerships with parents/caregivers and your children to best understand your family values and strengths. We believe that no one knows your child better than you do and we aim to diligently collaborate with your family unit in order to optimize goal-setting and effectively improve outcomes for your child.

Play-Based Therapy

We understand that play is the primary method that children learn and that play provides unique insight into children's verbal and non-verbal abilities. At Enhance Speech & Language we use children-led play-based activities and center our sessions specifically around your child's interests to better motivate them to participate in effective therapy. 

We believe play-based therapy is an effective tool to enhance children's participation in their own therapy and that the benefits contribute toward improved language skills, vocabulary, social skills, and emotional skills. This is supported by published evidence and is why we instill this into every client's therapy experience without exception.

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Contact Us

We are always growing and expanding our services. If you have any questions or want to find out more about virtual or in-person assessments we'd love to hear from you! Please e-mail us or send us a message below.

We are excited to announce a partnership with MCI The Doctor's Office as our clinic location. 

Clinic Address

4701-B 130th Ave SE

Calgary, AB, T2Z 4J2

Tel: 403-771-5225

Thank you. We will be in touch soon

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